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Danny Kahler is a Colorado native with a passion for the outdoors and all that it has to offer. At a very young age, he took to the ways of his father and grandfathers before him, immediately falling in love with hunting and fishing. His true home is not a man made dwelling. His home is a north-facing slope on a September archery elk hunt. The inside of a river bend at dusk with that orange and blue back drop in the western sky. Or better yet, a plywood-covered hole in the middle of a cut cornfield overlooking a decoy spread. His passion to hunt and fish became a way of living. As a guide, he has been able to help give others the opportunity to experience what he fell in love with so many years ago. Waterfowl hunting in particular has always held a special place in Danny's heart. The ability to draw the ducks and geese in close with a set of plastic decoys, and a well-tuned call has always kept him coming back, hunt after hunt. "Calling ducks and geese is truly what obsesses me about waterfowl hunting," Danny says. The calling was always something he strove to be better at. After working with several well-known call companies as a pro-staffer, he never felt like he had got a hold of a call that truly fit him. He set out, determined to build calls that performed exactly the way he wanted them to. After countless hours of dialing in sound and performance, he finally developed a call that he felt was worthy, and something he could be proud of. In 2006, he started Final Flight Calls as more of a hobby rather than a money-making business. He never set out to be a big call company or to see his product in a big box store. He was just a kid with a dream of making calls all his own, and other passionate waterfowl hunters started to take notice. Today, Final Flight Calls has blossomed from a hobby to a business, one that Danny can be passionate about. He looks to provide quality waterfowl calls to the industry, but hopes to never lose that small business, family relationship feeling. He will do everything he can to provide a high level of service and create a positive relationship so that every person can walk away feeling not as if they are just another customer, but a part of the FFC crew. 

Danny lives in Eaton, sharing a home with his four-legged hunting partner Penny, and his wife Katie, who has become a huge part of Final Flight Calls. He says, "Katie has helped make this possible for me in every way. I can build calls, but she can run a business. She understands my passion and has been completely supportive, letting me take this journey to the level it is today." Katie also has a passion for the outdoors and the two of them can be found hunting and fishing together often.

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